Inventor robbed of rights to his own plasma battery technology by the Pentagon

By Gene Crawford

Danny is not allowed to tell us very much. In fact, according to the court order he was served by the Pentagon’s legal department, he is not even allowed to tell us his real name or anything about the incredible plasma battery that took him almost 12 years to develop. This green energy device (which we learned on our own), operates on radiated isotopes and magnets, puts out a steady and constant charge of AC or DC current for 5 to 7 years, and is very compact. So much so, that one the size of a pack of cigarettes can power a television set or electric scooter, and one the size of a shoebox can, and did power a small car with an electric motor non-stop for 13 months – before Uncle Sam came along and confiscated all of it – in the name of national security. Government agents not only seized his prototype, but all of his notes, drawings, and even his computer’s hard drive! To add insult to injury even his patents were ordered to be sealed. As I talked to Dan on the phone for almost twenty minutes, I could hear the angst and frustration in his voice.

You see Danny once worked as an Air Force reservist – one of those “weekend warriors” to pay his way through graduate school. So now our beloved government says that Dan who did some work for the design team of the now famous “Predator” remotely-piloted surveillance aircraft, forfeited his rights to ownership of any patents since he “probably used knowledge acquired during his time in the Air Force Reserves”. So instead of helping the world put a final end to coal plants with his cool battery (they can be made as large as a house to power a city of 1 million people), the device is destined for covert military use.

Indeed this is one amazing battery my friends. One the size of a refrigerator could power a 300 room hospital or condo building with no connection to the power grid for several years – all without any noise or emissions. They can even be used to power electric super high speed bullet trains without running miles of power lines.

What became of Dan’s battery? It was pirated by the DoD and turned over to Sandia National Laboratories where we learned several prototypes were made and delivered to NASA , U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, and U.S. Air Force for “field testing” about 18 months ago. What kind of tests, we can only guess. But after speaking with a long-time friend and graduate of M.I.T. who works as a consultant to Raytheon, his guesses are probably more realistic and accurate than mine:

1. A long range torpedo for submarines that could travel for many miles to find and destroy its target, since current torpedo ranges are limited only by the duration of their power source.

2. Perhaps a silent tank or armored vehicle powered by an electric motor and a plasma battery that would allow it to traverse and entire continent without ever having to refuel.

3. How about a power source for a satellite or a high altitude surveillance drone – also powered by an electric motor or turbofan and a plasma battery. Such an combination would enable the aircraft to remain aloft for days or even weeks!

But with Global Warming threatening our world, this plasma battery could easily end our addiction to oil and power our automobiles and eliminate 27% of our global emmissions. It could provide reliable power for many remote rural communities and third world countries. It could be used extensively in disaster-relief operations following hurricanes like Andrew and Katrina with on site power generation without the need for fossil fuels to run noisy generators.

Is it fair for the Pentagon to take priority over all new technology – especially one that would benefit our environment so dramatically? We tried to ask them, but of course they had “no comment”. It is a sad day in America when our best and brightest inventors are muzzled and their incredible gadgets reserved only for some future war that may or may not take place. Humanitarian and Environmental needs & benefits should trump military planning in my humble opinion. If you agree with me, send a copy of this article and say so in a letter to your Congressman and Senator.

Today Danny has yet another great green energy idea smoldering in his brain, but he doesn’t dare spend yet another $150,000 and 12 years of his life to develop it, only to have it stolen away by the government. Now his biggest fear is being arrested since he was read the National Security Act warning when he was served. Before I hung up the phone with Danny, he told me in a sad voice of surrender,,, “They didn’t even say thank you.”