ISIS won’t stand too close to each other for fear they could get blasted by a drone strike

ISIS terrorists recruited from western nations just like the US and UK all the time saved their distance from each other due to the menace of drone strikes, in accordance to a captured member of the phobia group.

“Loads of the westerners had been saved distances from each other as a result of one of many main affairs was focused drone strikes,” captured ISIS member and ex-police cadet from London, Hamza Parvez, told the BBC from a Kurdish prison in Syria.

Parvez left the UK to be a part of ISIS in 2014 however was captured in Baghuz, the last ISIS bastion in Syria, in accordance to the BBC. The authorities has stripped him of citizenship.

In an interview from jail he described the intense fear amongst western members about being killed the drones.

“So, people wouldn’t want to be associated with one another just in case.”

“Because we didn’t actually have the list of who’s on the drone list or not. So we’d really be scared of, ok, this guy might be, and this guy might be.”

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