Japans abandoned ghost island of Hashima


Located off the coast of Nagasaki in Japan is an eerie island that has long been abandoned.

With its warship-like appearance, it’s little wonder why Hashima Island is commonly known as Gunkanjima (or ‘Battleship Island’). It’s other nickname? Ghost Island.

For nearly a century (from 1887 to 1974), the island was a bustling coal mining facility that housed thousands of workers. Mitsubishi bought it in 1890 and built Japan’s first large concrete building, at nine stories high.

With a population of 5259 people in 1959, the 6.3ha island was the most densely populated place per square metre in the world.

When the busy mine closed, Hashima Island fell into ruins. But the deserted island is anything but forgotten. It continues to lure tourists with its enchanting yet eerie crumbling structures.

The concrete wall that surrounds the entire island has partly collapsed due to the force of typhoons. Decaying buildings and structures found inside including a school, hospital and restaurants.








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