Julian Assange Has Lung Infection – Is it a conspiracy?

Julian Assange, the man behind the explosive Wikileaks, which disconcerted the global diplomatic foundations, is suffering from a chronic lung infection, which could exacerbate at any moment, the Ecuadorean ambassador to the UK has warned.

Julian Assange, who is currently residing at the Ecuador embassy in London, is battling efforts by the UK government to deport him to Sweden so that he can be questioned in that country over rape and sexual assault allegations.

Ecuador ambassador, Ana Alban, has remarked that Julian Assange was suffering from residing in a confined area. Ecuador has sought vows from the UK that Julian Assange wouldn’t be incarcerated if he is hospitalised. The UK government has said it wouldn’t thwart any medical attention that Julian Assange requires. Julian Assange had taken refuge at Ecuador’s embassy in June, subsequent to which he was granted asylum by Ecuador in August.

Ana Alban has voiced to the Ecuadorean newspaper, El Ciudadano, during a visit to Quito, that she was awaiting a conference with either UK Foreign Secretary William Hague or Home Secretary Theresa May to converse about Julian Assange’s future. The man requires frequent medical attention at his refuge inside the Ecuadorean embassy.

Julian Assange, who used UK’s judiciary to fend off his extradition to Sweden, was unsuccessful in his legal fight. Assange, who is infringing his bail conditions by staying in the embassy, encounters arrest if he exits the embassy. Ecuador, as per Ana Alban, is funding Julian Assange’s medical treatment. But she remarked that his health could worsen over the UK winter as he has restricted access to sunlight and fresh air in his refuge.

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