John Moore Nibiru updates – can you afford to ignore this

By PlanetXisHERE on ATS

John sounds like a reasonable guy, his main point on Nibiru is this:

He hopes it isn’t true, but he cannot afford to ignore it.

If this is not true, and he looks like a fool, he would take that over it being true, and not taking the chance to warn people.

He also says this – treat this as an exercise – a chance to practice your bug out preparations.

Many say people would have seen this by now. Many have. However there is a national security directive for all government employees including scientists not to talk about this.

People say you can see Jupiter, Saturn, Mars or Venus with the naked eye – why can’t we see Nibiru/Planet X? Well, Nibiru gives off light in the infrared spectrum, like billion of other objects in our universe, and is almost impossible to see with the naked eye, especially coming at us from out of the Sun.

Why do you think Obama invoked the National Communications Executive order of last week? They want to be able to control the internet when people soon be able to see this with their own eyes.

Why wouldn’t the government warn people? Well, this is the way they see it:

A) Planet X’s passing will just cause some high-tides and earthquakes and life for the most part will go on as usual – so there is no point in panicking people.

B) Planet X’s passing will cause major tectonic/climactic upheavals on the planet and kill about 95% of the world’s population – and warning people now would not change that – so there is no point in panicking people.

What do you have to lose by doing some research or basic preparations? What is the agenda of those who would have you ignore this or do nothing?

Here is the video, and you can check the youtube video for recent shows: