Dazzling Jupiter and Venus ‘could be mistaken for UFOs’

Although the planets are around 450 million miles apart in space, from March 13 they will appear to be separated by only a few degrees as both planets align with Earth for approximately two weeks. The planets will be visible from anywhere in the UK and should not be hard to spot.

“They are unmistakable, you are looking at objects which will appear to be two blazing beacons in the sky,” Mr Massey said. “Venus is dazzlingly bright and Jupiter only slightly less so. Really it’s hard to miss them, they are stunning objects,”

According to Mr Massey, the best time to see the planets will be about half an hour after sunset, when they will appear in the West.

“I would not be surprised if not The Telegraph, but certainly the police, the MoD or the RAF get calls about UFO sightings, because it’s a spectacular sight and quite unusual. And for that reason I really do think people will be struck by it,” he added.

Last Monday, Mars made its closest pass of Earth in more than two years, and in June Venus will appear from some positions on Earth to cross in front of the Sun.