Lost Ancient Technology

700_5c4f5412a41bbd89f148e0e642253b6bContrary to conventional thought, the Inca were not the most technologically advanced culture in the area of modern Peru and Bolivia, but were preceded by the great megalithic builders thousands of years before. Brien Foerster

Why are so many ancient stone structures found in Peru, and how were they so precisely made, and when? The conventional academic explanation that the Inca built everything to be found around Cusco and the Sacred Valley of Peru has become a comical farce. The Inca, though an incredibly advanced and sophisticated people did not have the technology to shape hard stone with such accuracy, and even their oral traditions speak of those who came before.

One such people were the mysterious Viracochans, thought to be myth, but now turning out to be actual people with amazing technical skill, in some ways surpassing our own. Join with us as we find the answers, and roll back the historical records of humanity

Stone Monuments Of Peru: Before The IncaBefore The Great Flood? Vilcabamba area archaeologists have no clue who made this or when.

The probable age of Tihuanacu of the Second Period, calculated on the basis of the variation of the obliquity of the ecliptic, would be approximately 15,000 B.C. Naturally, thiscalculation is in no sense definitive. For example, the factor of the formula of the International Ephemeris Conference of Paris may well vary in the light of future astronomical knowledge. If the curve of the obliquity of the ecliptic should, for reasons as yet unknown to us, be more inclined, the calculated age of Tihuanacu would also be somewhat less. But it is an established fact that whatever calculation might be used to determine the age of the Temple of the Sun of Tihuanacu, on the basis of the variation of the obliquity of the ecliptic from those times until today, would demonstrate that that American solar observatory is more ancient than any monument of man in the world of which we know up to this time. Arthur Posnansky.

Note: Read fragment of Arthur Posnansky book Tihuanacu The Cradle of American Man we added to this post.

The ruins of Tiahuanuco have been regarded by all students of American antiquities as in many respects the most interesting and important, and at the same time most enigmatical, of any on the continent. They have excited the admiration and wonder alike of the earliest and latest travelers, most of whom, vanquished in their attempts to penetrate the mystery of their origin, have been content to assign them an antiquity beyond that of the other monuments of America, and to regard them as the solitary remains of a civilization that disappeared before that of the Incas began, and contemporaneous with that of Egypt and the East.

Unique, yet perfect in type and harmonious in style, they appear to be the work of a people who were thorough masters of an architecture which had no infancy, passed through no period of growth, and of which we find no other examples. Tradition, which mumbles more or less intelligibly of the origin of many other American monuments, is dumb concerning these. The wondering Indians told the first Spaniards that they existed before the sun shone in the heavens, that they were raised by giants, or that they were the remains of an impious people whom an angry Deity had converted into stone because they had refused hospitality to his viceregent and messenger. E. George Squier

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Another focus of the trip will be the newly famous conehead skulls of Paracas and elsewhere in Peru, and indeed around the world. These are skulls that contain fully twice the cranial capacity of humans of today! Who were these people? How could they be so radically different from humans? Can they even be considered humans? These are issues that will be thoroughly discussed and debated during the tour, whose co-leader, Brien Foerster, is now considered The Man when it comes to coneheads. You will learn all about them from the horses mouth, so to speak.

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