Lightning crackles over North Pole in very rare storm

It’s been an uncommon summer time for the Arctic. Unprecedented tracts of land have burned as wildfires unfold past any capability to regulate them. Temperature records have been smashed. And now lightning has sparked subsequent to the North Pole.

A variety of lightning strikes had been recorded Saturday night (Aug. 10th) inside 300 miles of the North Pole. The lightning strikes occurred close to 85°N and 126°E. This lightning was detected by Vaisala’s GLD lightning detection community.

Weather-savvy Canadians may already know lightning strikes north of the Arctic Circle aren’t unprecedented, however the frequency of strikes drops off dramatically as you progress north. Saturday night’s bolts had been inside 550 km of the North Pole — that is about 2050 km north of the Arctic Circle. A take a look at the worldwide lightning frequency maps, beneath, represents this reality properly.

The darker reds and yellows on the maps (that are separated into three-month spans) present the place lightning strikes are most frequent, the cooler colors the place strikes are much less frequent. Near each poles, the gray color represents areas that common fewer than 0.01 strikes per sq. km per 12 months. Saturday’s strikes had been even additional north than that.

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