LED Lights In Airports Can Record Video & Sound?

Here is a relevant article I found about Newark airport:


There are new LED lights greeting passengers at Newark Liberty International Airport’s Terminal B but they do more than illuminate; they also are part of a security system that is watching you before you even get to the security checkpoint.

The lights are fitted with computer chips, cameras, sensors and wi-fi antennas. They collect data that can help detect suspicious activity or aid in police investigations.

Currently, the lights are only near the ticketing counters of the one terminal but the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which operates the airport, is considering expanding the pilot program to other terminals.

Advocates say the lighting systems can be used for a variety of useful applications. But others say the collection of more and more data raises privacy concerns.

The senors in the lights were designed by Sensity Systems. On its website the company explains: “LEDs aren’t new. Outdoor networks aren’t new. Networked sensors aren’t new. Big data and cloud computing aren’t new. Even the idea of adding networked devices to light poles has been tried before.”

I remember seeing an old experiment which I cant find right now but it explained that the led lamp is very easy to ‘tap-into’ via a certain frequency which could allow you to listen to whats happening within the room and mapping it which could be used for tracking abilities which this amateur hobbyist showed. So this is nothing new, and this video recently came into the MSM and I thought everyone should watch this. Big brother is everywhere!