Man arrested for giving New York cops middle finger sues city

An Edison man who was charged with disorderly conduct for allegedly giving three New York City police officers the middle finger is suing the city, according to a report on

Robert Bell, 26, was arrested in August 2011 after making the obscene gesture to three police officers whose backs were turned to him when he left the Slaughtered Lamb Pub on West 4th Street, the report said.

While none of the three saw Bell raise his finger, a fourth officer walking behind the the financial services recruiter witnessed it and arrested him.

When asked by police why he raised his middle finger, Bell answered, “Because I don’t like cops,” the report said.

The charge against Bell was dismissed in October after that officer didn’t show up for a court hearing.

Bell, who is being represented by the New York Civil Liberties Union, is seeking an undisclosed amount of money. The suit charges the NYPD with violating the Constitution, assault, false arrest and imprisonment, and inflicting emotional distress.