Michael Hastings may have been killed by the Shadow government

The below information has been complied from many sources and is being archived for the sake of the truth about Michael Hastings. There is fowl play involved with this; if you don’t believe that maybe you should exit out of our website then unless your going to open your mind to logical ideas and symbolism that is used by the shadow groups that exists in all forms of media. (aka the Illuminati) Here is some conspiracy ideas and facts about Michael Hastings and his death Assassination:


Most people in the conspiracy world are likely somewhat aware of the TV series “The Lone Gunmen” and it’s very telling pilot episode entitled “Pilot” which aired on March 4, 2001 (over 6 months prior to 9/11) on FOX due to it’s eery parallel to the soon to follow 9/11 events, but what you might not realize it this same episode also parallels the Michael Hastings situation just as closely.

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“Pilot” General Plot

While The Lone Gunmen are thwarted in their attempt to steal a computer chip by Yves Adele Harlow, John Fitzgerald Byers receives news of his father’s death and the trio soon find themselves unraveling a government conspiracy in which an attempt to fly a commercial aircraft into the Twin Towers which would result in increased arms sales for the United States.

Sidenote: The entire plot for this pilot episode was pitched to one of the main actors (Dean Haglund) by 3 CIA agents that were fans of his previous work (X-Files) which had a big following within the CIA community. Haglund then pitched the idea of a new show to the show creator Chris Carter (who was also the X-Files creator) which decided to use it to create a new spin-off show, which then became “The Long Gunmen” series.

I recently re-watched this episode and couldn’t help but notice a huge amount of similar parallel but this time to do with the Michael Hastings event.

Full Pilot Episode:

Pilot Episode Script Summery (Highlights/Parallels):
*In this script Summery I replaced references to the main characters father (murdered crash victim) with the name Michael Hastings to better show the parallels between the script and the real event.
HELM: We could talk about how [Michael Hastings] died.
BYERS: According to the police [Michael Hastings] car ran off the road.
HELM: Like I said, we could talk about that. It happened here. The police ruled it a single car accident. There were no witnesses to it but based on the lack of skid marks. (HELM pauses) Their explanation was that [Michael Hastings] fell asleep at the wheel and ran off the road.

HELM: I’m saying [Michael Hastings] was murdered. I don’t know where [Michael Hastings] was headed. I don’t know that it mattered. Just so [Michael Hastings] was driving along a lonely stretch of road. A perfect place for an ambush.
BYERS: What proof do you have?
HELM: Absolutely none. Which is exactly the way these people manage things. People [Michael Hastings] and I worked for.
BYERS: Government [government controlled media]? (Helm nods) Why? Why [Michael Hastings]? He was a company man.
HELM: [Michael Hastings] was a good man. He had a conscience. Sometimes that’s a problem in our line of work.

HELM: Last time I spoke to [Michael Hastings] he was upset about something he’d found out. He wouldn’t tell me what.

LANGLY: That government guy said there wouldn’t be any proof [Michael Hastings] was murdered.
BYERS: If [Michael Hastings] was murdered there’d have to be a reason for it. Mr. Helm said maybe he knew something. I want to see what’s on his PC.

LANGLY: Someone cleaned house. Erased everything and defragged this puppy.

LANGLY: Looks like a DOD file.Scenario 12-D.

LANGLY: I thought [Michael Hastings] died in a car crash.
BYERS: [Michael Hastings] was dead long before the crash. He was murdered here.

FROHIKE: I don’t get it. You’re saying somebody popped [Michael Hastings] in his living room [Hotel Room], then loaded him into his car, then faked a car crash two miles away. Now, that’s a hell of a trick. A dead man driving a car?
BYERS: They managed it somehow. There’s got to be evidence in the car that the fire didn’t destroy.

(A dimly lit workshop. FROHIKE is working on the wrecked car. BYERS is watching.)

FROHIKE: What’s the best thing that could come out of this investigation, as far as you’re concerned? You find out that [Michael Hastings] was going to blow the whistle on the government? You find out (pause) they killed him for it?

BYERS: [Michael Hastings] used to talk about JFK when I was a kid. Camelot, a government as good as its people, the American dream. (Sighs) I don’t know when or why he stopped believing in it, but those stories made me who I am. Made me believe in the promise of our country.
FROHIKE: Truth, justice, and the American Way.
BYERS: Someone has to expose those who would destroy that dream. Someone has to write the stories they don’t want you to read [cough sound familiar?].
(FROHIKE goes back to work on the car and pulls out a small metal object – a circuit board.)

KIMMY: I wound up in some government think-tank’s upload directory. Here’s your scenarios, ladies.
BYERS: It’s in clear. Counter-terrorism scenarios. War games developed for the Defence Department.
FROHIKE: What’s Scenario 12-D?
-Domestic Airline In-Flight Terrorist Act
LANGLY: Airline terrorism? That doesn’t make sense. [Michael Hastings] was murdered over a war game?

FROHIKE: (Off-screen) We got it! The proverbial smoking gun [remote circuit board].

BYERS: We found this in the engine compartment of [Michael Hastings] car. None of the circuits have a manufacturer’s identifying numbers.
LANGLY: And this copper zigzag looks like an integrated antenna.
BYERS: Etched into the board like a cellphone. We’re thinking…
FROHIKE: If this receives radio signals and was clipped to the car engine’s control module…
BYERS: …The speed of the car could be remotely controlled.
FROHIKE: All you’d need is a hand-held radio controller to operate the car.
LANGLY: And make it look like a dead man [Michael Hastings] was driving.

[Similar to how the end of the 9/11 aspect in this script is slightly different then the real event (in this episode the plane JUST misses the towers because they hack the remote access and save the plane… in real life the planes hit the towers). Well a similar pattern is also true the Michael Hastings aspect in this script which also has a slightly different ending then the real event (in this episode the father is almost assassinated but finds the cars remote control which was going to be used to assassinate him before getting into the car and uses it to fake his own death instead, while in real life Michael Hastings was likely scared into running during the night (to limit witnesses) and once in his car they simply took control, sped up, and crashed him into a tree (likely also triggering an explosive device in front of his engine right before impact)]

BYERS (VO): In the aftermath [Michael Hastings] realized he was in danger. I imagine his first impulse was to run.

BYERS (VO): But then he started to piece together the larger plan [Michael Hastings didn’t get this luxury].

BYERS (VO): He found the remote control that the assassin attached to his car. Someone was going to great lengths to fake [Michael Hastings] death in a car accident. To murder [Michael Hastings] without arousing suspicion.

(BYERS SNR operates the remote control and the car drives off fast, hits the bridge support and burst into flames.)
HELM: What reason did they have to kill [Michael Hastings]? What were they trying to hide?
BYERS: Something called Scenario 12-D.

BYERS: What is scenario 12-D? We know it’s a war game scenario. That it has to do with airline counter-terrorism. Why is it important enough to kill for.
BYERS SNR: Because it’s no longer a game.
BYERS: But if some terrorist group wants to act out this scenario, then why target [Michael Hastings] for assassination?
BYERS SNR: Depends on who your terrorists are.
BYERS: The men who conceived of it the first place. You’re saying our government is planning to commit a terrorist act against a domestic airline [9/11]?
BYERS SNR: There you go again. Blaming the entire government as usual. In fact, a small faction [CoG]…
BYERS: For what possible gain?
BYERS SNR: The Cold War’s over, John. But with no clear enemy to stockpile against, the arms market’s flat. But bring down a fully loaded 727 into the middle of New York City and you’ll find a dozen tinpot dictators all over the world just clamoring to take responsibility, and begging to be smart-bombed.

BYERS: Why didn’t you tell the world about this – go to the press [“from this point forward we should no longer as a media, as a whole, cooperate in any manor with the government in terms of doing national security stories.”]?
BYERS SNR: You think I’d still be drawing breath 30 minutes after I made that call? The press – who’s going to run this story [Michael Hastings was in process of attempting to find exactly this out]?

BYERS SNR: Don’t be so damned naive. This isn’t going to save the world. (He sighs) I’m doing what I can, John. I don’t have all the specifics on scenario 12-D, but I think I know the flight they’ve chosen.

BYERS: Are you absolutely sure this is the targeted flight?
BYERS SNR: This flight was chosen primarily for its visibility. It’s schedule to pass over Manhattan on its way to Boston.
BYERS: You said they intend to bring this down in the middle of New York City?

BYERS: What if there is no bomb.
BYERS SNR: Well, how they going to bring it down?
BYERS: The same way a dead man [Michael Hastings] can drive a car [remote control].

FROHIKE AND LANGLY: What do you mean, no bomb?
BYERS (VO): Langly, I need you to hack into the airline’s onboard navigation system. We need to know where we’re headed.

LANGLY (VO): I’ve hacked into the flight control system output.

LANGLY: Is that what it looks like?
FROHIKE: I think it is what it looks like.
BYERS: What does “what” look like?
LANGLY: Modem protocol. Remote access. Somebody on the ground’s flying your plane.

BYERS: We need to know our flight plan.

LANGLY: Byers. Your flight’s going to make an unscheduled stop. In exactly 22 minutes.
FROHIKE: Corner of Liberty and Washington, Lower Manhattan.
BYERS: World Trade Center.They’re going to crash it into the World Trade Center.

BYERS (VO): Langly, can you override the flight control system?
LANGLY: Working on it.

BYERS SNR: You don’t have control of this plane and I don’t know what we can do to get it back.
[They then basically use a stolen super computer processor from the start of the episode to do 7-10 days worth of calculations in a few seconds/minutes and use that computing power to hack the remote access to regain control of the plane at the last second, causing it to narrowly miss hitting the towers, something in real life we didn’t have the luxury of happening.]

Shortly before his death Michael Hastings was interviewed saying…

“The Obama administration has clearly declared war on the press, it’s declared war on investigative journalists, our sources. I think the only recourse to this kind of behavior by the government is to say back to the government we declare war on you, and from this point forward we should no longer as a media, as a whole, cooperate in any manor with the government in terms of doing national security stories. We should withdraw all our cooperation and we should publish everything we know because it is a free press, not a free except for when the government tells me to do it press, and we’ve been way to easy going with these guys. We’ve lets them get away with this for years, we’ve let them tell us what to print, what not to print, and I say be done with it and everybody should just get together and fire back, because no one else is going to defend the press.”

Michael Hastings told WikiLeaks lawyer he was being investigated by the FBI only a few hours before deadly car crash



Then of course you have his long time friend of the victim coming out saying recently he was “very panicked… and something didn’t feel right.” adding “His friends and family who know him, everyone says he drives like a grandma. So that right there doesn’t seem like something that he would be doing. He had a lot of friends and family that cared about him. He had a good life to live. There’s no way he would be acting erratic like that and acting that out of control,” as well as the fact that “Hastings was working on an unknown story involving the CIA and told people it would be the “biggest yet.”

I guess it came down to the fact that “He was a good man. He had a conscience. Sometimes that’s a problem in our line of work.” and that “he was upset about something he’d found out. He wouldn’t tell me what” so they decided to off him before he did. Him deciding to openly take a leadership role (using the words declare war) in an effort to get media as a whole to stop complying with all the lies and selective/misleading reporting they have been a major driving force in for years now, under the false guise of “National Security”… this was a step over the line. He was basically telling the media as a whole to expose all the shit they have been force to hold back (including Sandy Hook, Boston, the full NSA program as well as many other HIGHLY media influenced events) which the more powerful elements in media for the most part know but are told not to disclose. This nondisclosure is then reinforced via the real spy program… which they are aware of to a much larger extent then Snowden bullshit (which is a control release), and with this the lie almost becomes self enforcing, as any coordinated effort via multiple media sources to release unwanted data in a mass way would be found out instantly, so instead they just keep quite out of fear.

The death of Michael Hastings was a 2 birds with 1 stone scenario… They shut up a real threat that was getting to close to knowing the bigger picture and was almost ready and more then willing to release what he knew… and at the same time it was also used as an example to other media personal of the extreme consequences of such rebellion.

Anyways the reason for this post is basically to explain the fact that 6 months after this CIA given script aired on TV, 9/11 occurred mirror it’s general plot line with eery similarity. The man in the car crash in the same episode died because he was about to release sensitive data about the planned WTC/airliner attack (war game gone live) by the government. I have a feeling the primary reason Michael Hastings was killed is also not far from that… and he likely didn’t just have more details on the NSA spying but also may very well of had sensitive details about an upcoming false flag or hoax attack.