Mofaz Left Coalition Because Netanyahu Planning Attack On Iran

Israel’s opposition leader Shaul Mofaz, who until last week served as deputy prime minister to Benjamin Netanyahu, gave a broad hint on Monday that the prime minister intends to launch a military strike against Iran.

Mofaz, who led his Kadima party out of the coalition last week, declared that Kadima wanted no part in “operational adventures” planned by Netanyahu, which he said would endanger Israelis.

“Kadima will not set out on operational adventures that will endanger the future of our young women and young men and the future of the citizens of Israel in the State of Israel,” said Mofaz, a former chief of the General Staff and defense minister.

Mofaz was speaking after a bid by four members of his party to rejoin the Netanyahu coalition had been stymied. He is now working to evict the rebels from Kadima.

The conclusion drawn in the Channel 2 report was that Netanyahu needed to be certain he would have a cabinet majority for an attack on Iran in the September-October period.

Following last week’s terror attack on a bus full of Israelis in Bulgaria, Netanyahu declared Iran was responsible, and said: “The most dangerous state on earth must not attain the most dangerous weapon.”