Mickey Mouse On Mercury? Hah, That’s Goofy!

We’ve had the Face on Mars, the Smiley Face on Mars, even the Elephant Face on Mars — and now we’ve got the Mickey Mouse Face on Mercury, courtesy of NASA’s Messenger probe.

The mousy shape comes from three overlapping craters in Mercury’s southern hemisphere, northwest of a larger crater known as Magritte. The biggest crater in this scene, which serves as Mickey’s head, measures about 65 miles (105 kilometers) across.

Sources and more information:

• Mickey Mouse Spotted On Mercury! [Image Cache]

The image on the left was just captured by NASA’s Messenger spacecraft, now orbiting Mercury. The image on the right is a famous rodent. I wonder when Disney’s lawyers would sue the solar system for intellectual property theft. From NASA: This scene is to the northwest of the recently named crater Magritte, in Mercury’s south.

• Mickey Mouse on Mercury? Hah, that’s goofy!