More Old WW2 Bombs Going Off…

I recently heard about the old WW2 bombs that are being found over in Europe and I was very interested in the story. I wonder how many of these bombs are out there and if something major will happen soon. On the news it seemed like they were hinting something; “More And More of These Bombs Are Going Off” Here is the recent occurrences within the week. (Do a search and you’ll find a lot from last year as well)

Terminal closed at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport after WWII bomb found by workers

Part of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport has had to be closed after workers found a suspected World War II bomb near its main terminal building.

Airport staff and passengers have been evacuated from Terminal C after workers discovered the suspected explosive early this morning.

The terminal handles flights to France, Spain, Germany and Italy and Schiphol itself is Europe’s fifth busiest airport hub.

The evacuation comes just hours after a WWII bomb was safely detonated in central Munich after being discovered yesterday. The 250kg bomb was located near the city’s Schwabing district.

A bomb disposal team is now at the scene to investigate the find.

Schiphol Airport was used as a military airfield by Nazi Germany during WWII and was often attacked by allied bombers, according to Dutch media. Now it is one of Europe’s main hubs, handling around 48million passengers a year.


WWII Bomb Goes Off In Australian River

Austrian river police and firemen have pulled thousands of dead fish out of the river Danube after a massive explosion believed to have been from an unexploded World War II bomb shook the city of Vienna on Saturday night.

The river was temporarily closed after the explosion but traffic is now once again being allowed to travel. Underwater divers are expected to start searching in the next few days for the location of the explosion.

The blast was so strong that it could be heard several kilometres away and it also sent a huge fountain of water into the air. A Vienna police spokesman said: “We were fortunate that there was no ship traffic at the time.

“But the large volume of dead fish shows that the explosion must have been extremely powerful. Because of the strength of the explosion we believe it was probably a flying bomb with a faulty timer. If it didn’t go off at the time it doesn’t mean that it will never explode – it is just impossible to predict exactly when. At some stage a chemical reaction is likely and that caused the blast to happen. ”


Many Bombs Still Underground!

Now here is the only sentence worth mentioning in the article:

Tens of thousands of unexploded bombs are believed still to be lying in the ground under a number of cities.