NASA Admits That It Can’t Explain Why This Mysterious Abyss Opened Up On Jupiter

NASA has recognized an ominous-looking gap within the clouds of Jupiter and admitted it can’t clarify why the ‘abyss’ has appeared. The unusual dark spot was glimpsed by the Juno probe because it orbited the big fuel big planet.

It seems to be sitting on the center of a ‘vortex’ and is prone to be fairly deep, though its true traits aren’t recognized at this stage. Nasa wrote: ‘What’s that black spot on Jupiter?

No one is certain. ‘During the latest pass of NASA’s Juno round Jupiter, the robotic spacecraft imaged an unusually dark cloud function informally dubbed the Abyss.

‘Surrounding cloud patterns show the Abyss to be at the centre of a vortex. ‘Since dark features on Jupiter’s environment are inclined to run deeper than mild options, the Abyss could actually be the deep gap that it seems — however with out extra proof that continues to be conjecture.

‘The Abyss is surrounded by a complex of meandering clouds and other swirling storm systems, some of which are topped by light coloured, high-altitude clouds. The featured image was captured last month while Juno passed only about 15,000 kilometres above Jupiter’s cloud tops.’

Our stunning planet is a large ball of rock and metallic coated by life-sustaining oceans and big landmasses. Jupiter, alternatively, is a mysterious cloud-shrouded fuel big which can not also have a floor for people to face on.

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