Brand New Details In The James Holmes Aurora Shooting

If you read our website, you would know that there is something wrong with the official stories of the Newtown and Aurora shootings. Since James Holmes is finally in court, new details have finally emerged about that day. Below I have compiled all the interesting quotes which prove something is not right! Please fully read the information below:

Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes is pictured in a courtroom sketch in Centennial ColoradoSuspected mass murderer James Holmes purchased his movie ticket to the premier of “The Dark Knight Rises” on July 8, 2012, almost two weeks before his alleged shooting rampage in the movie theater in Aurora, Colo.

Det. Ingui was also on the stand as the courtroom was showed several minutes of video from a security surveillance system inside the Century 16 complex. Cameras caught Holmes entering the theater about 25 minutes before the first shots were reported. After using his cellphone to print his ticket at a kiosk, cameras showed Holmes dawdling near the concession stand for several minutes before finally going into Theater 9, where the shootings took place.

Ingui said they were able to determine when Holmes bought the movie theater ticket from his cell phone, which he used at a kiosk inside the theater nearly 30 minutes before the first shots were fired. Investigators allege that Holmes went out a side fire exit close to where his car was parked behind the complex. He then donned police-like tactical gear and got his guns before reentering the side door about 20 minutes into the film.

An Aurora police officer testified Monday morning that James Holmes didn’t respond when he asked him behind the movie theater if accomplices helped him in the shooting rampage.

“He just looked at me and smiled,” said police officer Justin Grizzle, recalling the moments after the arrest.

Aurora police officer Jason Oviatt said he thought the suspect was a member of law enforcement at the rear of the theater since he was wearing a military helmet and gas mask similar to what officers wear.

But Oviatt held him at gunpoint because he wasn’t acting like a police officer. Holmes was just standing at his white car with his hands on the roof, not doing anything.

After the Aurora officer handcuffed Holmes, he noticed a handgun on the roof of the car where his hands had been, he said. And as he grabbed Holmes by the arm to take him away, a magazine of ammunition fell to the ground, Oviatt said in the hearing.

When Oviatt asked Holmes how many weapons he had, Holmes responded: four. Then Holmes volunteered that he had an improvised explosive device at his home. When asked if it would explode, Oviatt said, “The suspect replied, ‘If you trip them.’ ”

Oviatt said Holmes was compliant and answered all his questions. He described him as relaxed. “In his case he was very, very relaxed,” Oviatt said. “He seemed very detached from it all.” “He was dripping with sweat and he smelled badly,” Oviatt said of Holmes.

Anyone officially connected to the case has been under a gag order since Holmes was arrested in the July 20 movie theater massacre. All police reports, search warrants and other key records were ordered sealed.