No water for activists besieged in Venezuela’s US embassy, govt denies cut-off

Anti-coup activists holed up in the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington say they have been left with no utilities after the water supply was shut off or disrupted. The municipal water provider has denied responsibility.

The already dismal conditions the activists known as the Embassy Civilian Protection Collective have had to endure after the US authorities complied with the opposition’s request to shut down power in the building, have grown even worse, with water now reportedly gone as well.

Since it comes just two days after the ‘ambassador’ appointed by Juan Guaido, the US-backed opposition leader and self-proclaimed ‘interim president’ of Venezuela, demanded that the US authorities shut down the power, the activists said it was yet another joint attempt by Washington and Guaido to drive them out of the embassy.

“The US govt turned off water at Venezuela Embassy this morning to try to force the #EmbassyProtectionCollective to leave,” Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin wrote, while another activist, reporter Mark Hand, accused municipal water company DC Water of leaving the activists without water, and public utility Pepco for the continued blackout.

DC Water denied being behind the cut-off. Responding to Hand, the company said it neither shut off the supply nor received a request to do so. The provider’s response has sparked more questions, with activists asking the company to turn the water on and investigate the incident.

Opposition supporters have encircled the embassy in a bid to prevent activists from breaking the siege or bringing much-needed water and food inside. The pro-Guaido crowd is reportedly being aided by the DC police, which replaced the Secret Service in standing guard outside the building.

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