Occupy George: A Message From The 99%

There’s something going on with Occupy Wall Street—good, bad, monumental, anarchy, I don’t know—but there is a clear disparity between the 1% and the 99% and the voice of the 99% is slowly ringing louder. Here’s one way to get the 1% to pay even more attention: taint their money. Occupy George is a movement that hopes to print and stamp infographics that highlight the economic disparity in the US and then circulate that money around the world. The point being they could ignore and muzzle the Occupy Wall Street movement but the 1% can’t ignore the money. Here are some pictures of the ‘Occupy George‘ dollars:

I think this idea is great for the occupy wall-street movement! It will get the message across to other average citizens, banks, businesses and even overseas… Now you might be thinking; I thought defacing money was illegal? Well it appears to be legal:

It has long been believed that writing, drawing, or making any mark on U.S. currency is defacing currency, and is illegal. This is not true for paper money, however, only for coins. Paper money is held to different rules then coins, and legally be ‘deface’ by a user who draws on it or otherwise marks it. There are some things that you cannot due to paper money, however, and that includes:

– Destroying: You cannot destroy, tear, or mutilate paper money so that it is no longer usable or recognizable.

– Altering: You cannot alter paper money in such a way that it is no longer recognizable, or so that it appears to be worth a different value than it is. For example, if you stamp a logo on the paper money, it will probably be fine. If you alter the number and image on it so that it appears to be worth more (making $1 look like $10, for example), then you are committing fraud, creating counterfeit money, and you will arrested.

So why do people think that drawing on money is illegal? Like many things both past and present, some individuals learn the laws only partway, and they spread thin information to other individuals, who take their word for it instead of looking up the laws themselves. As information spreads via word-of-mouth, it becomes altered in some ways, until an incorrect version is believed to be true.


Expect to find these ‘occupy george’ dollars in your wallet in the near future.. The whole purpose of this idea is that; the top 1% that controls most of the money won’t be able to ignore this message when they are buying their expensive items.. The only problem I see with these infographics, is that the wealthy will be using more than dollars. So we need to really stamp these messages on all of our paper money in the United States and even other countries world wide. It’s pretty much like a protest, stating that we wont take the corrupt system anymore! We need change and not a government change.. A revolution for the people!! We should be able to survive (house, car, food, etc..) with only one job. I read a interesting study awhile ago, (can’t find the link at the moment) it said that if the mimumal wage went up like it was projected too, the mimumal wage would be over $20 dollars an hour!!! Imagine working at McDonald’s for twenty dollars an hour? You could actually survive off that wage, and the past couple years the 99%’s wages have decreased! I don’t get how some people don’t understand the ‘occupy wall-street’ protests.. Everyone deserves life, liberty, and prosperity in America!! So will you join the movement? Or will you sit at home, school or work and say how crappy your life is.. Trust me; things can be beter! Say no to the machine… Start printing/writing on money to get your message out!