Pentagon doesn’t really know how $2.1 BILLION was spent on F-35 parts

The Pentagon has did not correctly handle and account for $2.1 billion value of parts for F-35 fighter jets, a brand new report by a authorities watchdog reveals. Now, the navy merely has to take the phrase of Lockheed Martin on that.

The US navy did not account for 3.45 million items of presidency property – parts and gear for F-35s, based on a new report issued by the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Office of Inspector General. Pentagon officers have “failed to implement procedures, and did not appoint and maintain officers accountable, to account for and handle authorities property for greater than 16 years.”

Lacking the paperwork and even folks to carry answerable for the blunder, the Pentagon has no precise concept how a lot the aforementioned pile of parts price, and has to easily belief the phrase of the principle contractor – Lockheed Martin – and its subcontractors, based on the report. The company valued the parts at $2.1 billion.

The DoD doesn’t know the precise worth of the F 35 property and doesn’t have an impartial report to confirm the contractor valued Government property of $2.1 billion for the F-35 Program.

While the sum itself just isn’t that large – given the entire acquisition price of the F-35 program, exceeding $400 billion – such an absence of accountability can additional injury the ill-fated fifth-generation fighter program, already been stricken by quite a few technical points.

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