Tulsa Highway Closed After Pennies Fall Out Of Armored Truck

Russell Hulstine

Hundreds of thousands of pennies on a Tulsa highway prompted the Oklahoma Highway Patrol to close down the northbound lanes of U.S. Highway 75 from 41st Street South to the 23rd Street exit.

The OHP says a Loomis armored truck lost the pennies when a back door of the truck opened up, spilling boxes of pennies onto the roadway where Highway 75 and I-244 merge.

Troopers say as the truck rounded a curve boxes of pennies shifted, causing the door to open and the pennies to fall out. At first troopers said about a dozen boxes fell out but later increased the estimate to 40. Each box holds $25 of pennies so that adds up to about $1,000.

Troopers expect the northbound lanes of Highway 75 to be closed for a while as crews sweep up the pennies.

Northbound I-244 remains open, but traffic is being pushed to the far right lane. Motorists are being advised to find an alternative route of travel in the meantime.

The spill has caused a traffic backup on both U.S. Highway 75 and I-244 northbound.