Public To Receive Updated Sandy Hook Timeline Next Week


The state will release an updated timeline next week on when they will learn more about the Newtown massacre that killed 20 students and six educators last year at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Gov. Dannel Malloy says he will be receiving more information on the case, which will include an update on when the prosecutor’s final report will be released.

“We understand that the world is waiting for this report, and we want it done as quickly as possible. But we also want it done right,” Malloy’s spokesman, Andrew Doba, said Tuesday. “Making sure the state’s attorney’s office has the independence it needs to do the job is critical, and we are trying to strike the right balance.”

On Monday, Malloy told reporters in New Haven that he is “going to get a timeline report next week, and I will share that quickly with everyone else.”

“I’m anxious that the state finish its report as soon as possible,” Malloy said. “The sooner we get this report out, I think it will be better for the families and everyone else. Having said that, it’s also equally important that we get it done right.”

Next week’s report, Malloy said, will include “what the revised date for release is and if there’s any other additional information that should or could be shared on an interim basis.”

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