[Reactor4] Coolant system of SFP4 stopped, Tepco is still investigating the cause

Japanese freelance journalist / comedian Oshidori received emergency email from Tepco.

【東電からのメール】・本日(6月30日)午前6時24分頃、福島第一原子力発電所4号機において、使用済燃料プール代替冷却システム異常に関する警報が発生し、使用済燃料プール代替冷 却システムが自動停止。・その後、現場にて漏えいがないことを確認。(続

— おしどり♀マコリーヌさん (@makomelo) 6月 30, 2012


Around 6:24 of 6/30/2012, alarm was given for the system trouble in the coolant system of SFP4. Coolant system of SFP4 was automatically stopped. No water leakage was confirmed.



— おしどり♀マコリーヌさん (@makomelo) 6月 30, 2012


The water temperature of the SFP4 was 31℃ when the coolant system was stopped. Tepco estimates it’s raised at 0.486℃ /h. Currently Tepco is investigating what stopped the coolant system. Tepco will update by email when they obtain further information.

Received at 8:19.


Sankei newspaper is reporting the same trouble. [LINK]


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