Russian boy stumbles on a 30,000-year-old giant Mammoth

An 11-year-old Russian boy, taking a stroll with his dog on Sopochnaya Cape in Taimir Peninsula, Siberia, had stumbled upon a woolly carcass of a male mammoth last month. Scientists are now lauding the find as one of the best preserved carcasses ever found in history.

Yevgeny Salinder, an ethnic Nenets boy, told his parents about the carcass, who informed polar explorers living on the Taimir Peninsula, Taimirsky Dolgano-Nenetsky district administration said in a statement on Thursday. Scientists soon reached the spot to examine the 1/2-ton carcass, which has scraps of fur, plenty of flesh, an ear, a tusk, some bones and an intact reproductive organ.

The carcass of a 16-year-old mammoth that was possibly killed by humans tens of thousands of years ago and was excavated on the North Siberian Taimyr peninsula in late Sept

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