Saudi Arabia executes 134 people including six kids as brutal crucifixions spike

More than 134 people have been brutally executed in Saudi Arabia so far this yr, including six who have been simply kids after they have been arrested.

A huge spike in crucifixions and beheadings has seen the slain tortured and slaughtered by brutal strategies, based on a human rights organisation.

In a report offered on the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, The Death Penalty Project revealed an extra 24 people are at “imminent danger” of execution.

They embrace three kids, outstanding political opponents of the crown prince, clerics, and human rights campaigners.

At least six teenagers have been executed this yr after being arrested for supposed “crimes” after they have been kids, the report claims.

An occasion hosted by The Death Penalty Project highlighted the “unlawful and arbitrary executions” in Saudi Arabia as properly as human rights abuses for each detainees and their households.

Experts mentioned these abuses have been “exacerbated by the systematic torture of detainees and grossly unfair trials culminating in demise sentences”.

Among these executed this yr are three girls and 51 who have been going through drug fees that might be thought-about minor offences elsewhere on the planet.

At least 58 of these killed have been international nationals and most have been accused of spreading Shia Islam – against the law within the Sunni Arab state.

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