SACIA Confirms UFO Film as Genuine, Craft of US Manufacture

by Gordon Duff

On April 7, 2012, while North Korea was planning a missile launch, what has been described as a UFO was spotted from a passenger craft over Seoul, Korea. The video went viral with nearly a billion visitors.

News stories, one printed in it’s entirety below, permission of the World News Tomorrow, were published in “selected countries.”

These had a whiff of truth and a whiff of spin to them…the ones most fun to dig into.

World News Tomorrow and Veterans Today, both had questions about the story, which had originated on a major news service.

Veterans Today decided to turn to a top intelligence resource and see whether we were dealing with goose or gander. There was that smell of reality here, one we don’t always see.

The story below, “mainstream media,” quotes a source indicating this video has been altered, a phony, a “forgery.” That source proved to be uniquely “unauthoritative” at best.

Thus, we had the forensic labs of the SACIA (South Africa Counter Intelligence Agency), the world’s top authority on certification of photographic data, diamond, mineral and currency authenticity, a somewhat controversial organization, quasi-governmental in nature, submit the video for detailed forensic analysis.

Why would we choose experts on counter-terrorism, conflict diamonds and narcotics trafficking instead of a local photographer. Our answer was simple, we knew they had one of the most advanced labs in the world and, best of all, they volunteered. You can’t beat that.

The video is genuine, totally. This is a slightly enlarged version.

We then went to intelligence sources in Korea. There we learned an astounding story which we are not able to fully confirm. The aircraft, one that appears to be a “flying saucer,” is one of two American reconnaissance vehicles stationed on the Korean peninsula by the United States.

Forensic examination of the video indicates several key issues:

  • This is a vehicle of significant size, larger than a commercial airliner.
  • The initial speed is well above the speed of sound though it appears much slower
  • The “break away” speed, as noted as the “blur” in the video is this aircraft reaching 16,000 mph within low atmosphere, something normally impossible because of drag in the heavy atmosphere at such low altitudes. Commercial passenger aircraft at such altitudes are generally incapable of reaching more than 300 mph without both engine and structural failures, verified by both engineers and commercial and military pilots.

There are several key issues as to why something like this, so public, middle of the afternoon in very busy airspace, would be possible. There have been many such sightings, most recently the Thames Estuary “light,” which seem to be part of a developing pattern.

Prior to this was the UFO sighting in London, with multiple vehicles including a “mother ship” that descended over the BBC Building itself.

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