Stun Gun used on Alzheimer’s patient inside the nursing home

The wife of a man with severe Alzheimer’s spoke out Wednesday out after she says police used a stun gun on her husband inside a nursing home last month.

Virginia Howard says her husband was stunned five times by Peru police and now she’s planning to sue the city and police department.

“Who hurts a disabled person? This is like taking an infant and telling them, ‘Don’t cry or I am going to tase you they,'” said Virginia.

Virginia placed James at Miller’s Merry Manor only a few months ago. Two weeks ago, Virginia got a call her husband was in the hospital.

She was told he had an episode. When she got to him, a nurse told her a Peru police officers used a stun gun on him inside the senior facility.

Virginia said the stun gun was used on her husband five times for a total of 31 seconds.

“He had the hide ripped off his hand. His whole hand was just ripped, bleeding. He had a black eye. He had bruises on this hand. He had marks on him,” Virginia said.

The Peru police chief has recommended that officer Greg Martin be fired. A hearing was held Tuesday on that issue. A decision isn’t expected until August.


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