Stolen medical equipment may carry deadly brain disease

More than $500,000 worth of medical equipment stolen from Florida Hospital last week may carry a dangerous disease.

Police issued a special warning Friday after the equipment was taken from the Center for Diagnostic Pathology at the hospital’s main campus in Orlando.

Authorities warned a substance inside the equipment was so toxic, it could burn human skin.
The hospital was throwing out the equipment, but officials certainly did not want it stolen.

Now, published reports said the equipment was tossed because it was used to perform a brain biopsy on a man who died from a degenerative brain disease similar to mad cow disease.

The reports identified the disease as CJD, or Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, which officials described as fatal.

Police said the thieves used a truck to swipe the equipment. If you know anything about the theft, you should call Orlando police or 911.