‘Sea monster’ spotted on Google Earth?


A ‘sea monster’ has been spotted on Google Earth close to Antarctica, and it has pushed individuals right into a frenzy as they tried to determine what it’s. Is it a kraken? Or one thing much less terrifying?

Scott Waring of UFO Sighting Daily thinks it might be a sea monster:

“This appears to be like like The Kraken. I used Google ruler and it says that is 30 meters (100 ft) from head to finish, however the finish appears to be like identical to the mid space of an enormous squid which suggests it might be 60+ meters lengthy with tentacles. That seems like a Kraken to me,” he wrote.

A kraken is a legendary tenticled monster, recognized in tales of the ocean for drowning individuals and ships.

The image was taken close to Deception Island within the South Shetlands and seems to indicate a ‘fin’.

Some assume it might be the Loch Ness Monster, however others assume it might be an underwater UFO.

Some have a extra rational clarification for the unusual object.

We share our planet with some enormous sea creatures – however not krakens – so it’s most likely extra believable that this picture is of a blue whale or a equally giant animal.

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