Let’s all feel sorry for the soldier who massacred women and children


The media make me want to puke. I have not read one word about the plight of the Afghani people who have to put up with a Western coalition of psychopaths bombing and shooting them. As far as I have seen, they did not even bother to report the names of the people massacred.

The media are now running stories (see below) designed to make you feel sorry for the soldier who went on the massacre. They want to coerce your opinion so that you do not demand an exit from Afghanistan. That’s what this is about. The US is supposed to withdraw in 2014, but they are desperate to stay.

Many top American journalists are now starting to question – Why are we in Afghanistan? I don’t even know. Osama is gone.

CNN commentator Jack Cafferty recently said on the issue of Afghanistan – ‘The military-industrial complex has this country by the throat’.

Unfortunately Australians are a little slow politically speaking…slow to the point of being semi-retarded. Sport and celebrities are such an obsession that real issues are anything but important. Military industrial complex??? Why, that is just a term for conspiracy loons!

A bunch of semi-moron Epsilons are going to read this crap from Murdoch Inc and feel sorry for the soldier. Take a look at those kids. A US drone killed them. Some young, pimple nosed idiot thinks he is playing a video game and that is the result. If he saw the result of his work face to face, he would probably vomit himself.

To top it off, I personally met racist pricks who wanted to join the army because they want to kill “rag heads”. I lived two doors down from a guy like that at one point. The sad part is, he actually got into the army. You want to kill innocent rag heads? Sign up, WE WANT YOU!

I will never be a professional journalist because this shit pisses me off. I cannot just report on this like I do not care. Australia is nothing but an Anglo-American establishment outpost that follows orders. WTF are we doing in Afghanistan???


US Army officer, Sergeant Robert Bales, was a much-decorated soldier and devoted father of two who is now accused of killing up to 16 Afghani civilians – along with many children.

Friends and colleagues are reportedly struggling to comprehend the atrocity of his alleged massacre in Kandahar, Afghanistan.
The 38-year-old soldier, on his fourth combat tour, is accused of leaving his base in the early hours of March 11 and going on a shooting and stabbing rampage through two villages. Nine children and seven adults were killed, with some victims being dragged into a room and set on fire.
The killings have strained already tense relations between the United States and Afghanistan.
Personal details about the life of the alleged killer are becoming public, with reports just three days before the shooting rampage the sergeant had put his family home up for sale, with the asking price $US50,000 ($47,200) less than he paid for it.
Media reports also suggest he was overlooked for a promotion in the year before the slayings, which would have helped him get in control of his finances.