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Measles Was Released At The Superbowl Village

By Shari Rudavsky
USA Today

An Indiana resident infected with measles visited the Super Bowl Village on Friday, but did not go inside the NFL Experience, said officials at the Indiana State Department of Health.

Because the event included so many visitors from the Northeast, state health officials have notified their counterparts in New York and Massachusetts, as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The infected resident is from Hamilton County, Ind. One other case of measles has been confirmed in Hamilton County and there are two other probable cases in Boone County, Indiana said.

Most people in the United States are protected against this highly contagious viral respiratory disease, thanks to vaccination. People born before 1957 are also thought to be immune to the disease.

While the disease is rare in the U.S., unvaccinated people visiting from other countries, where immunizations are not as readily available, can transmit it to unvaccinated people here.

A single dose of the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine protects more than 95 percent of people. More than 99 percent have protection after the second dose, state health officials say.

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