Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

damn doc1 copIntroduction by Joan d’Arc

With its bizarre claim to have been found in a surplus IBM copy machine in 1986 by a Boeing Aircraft employee, Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars takes its place among those dubious ’elite blueprints’ for control of the planet, second only to the well known treatise The Protocols of Zion.

Dated May 1979, Silent Weapons called for a “quiet revolution” through economic engineering, using such methods as economic shock testing and paper inductance/inflation (exchanging true value for inflated currency), and balancing the system by killing off the true creditors of this exchange (the public) in constant wars.

Silent Weapons was first published for mass consumption by the late William Cooper in his 1991 underground sensation, Behold a Pale Horse.

A few versions of this document also appeared later on the internet along with remarks to the effect that the paranoid manifesto was probably penned by Cooper himself. Cooper, a former Naval Intelligence Officer with a purported 38-level above-top secret clearance, claimed to have read this report in a “Naval Intelligence Majority Twelve file,” and that it was authored by the Bilderberg Group. Cooper states in his book that it was given to him by someone named Tom Young.

Here Paranoia offers an excerpt of the document, reprinting some of the original schematics and mathematical equations contained in the undated pamphlet we have had in our collection since approximately 1993. These sophisticated diagrams were not reproduced in Cooper’s book and their existence casts doubt on Cooper’s alleged authorship.

As far as I know, William Cooper was not a highly trained economist. Furthermore, if Cooper had written the document, why would he remove his own elaborate mathematical notations? Also, Cooper’s version does not contain the Preface that appears in the pamphlet. The Preface notes that the document is “reprinted in its virgin form, with diagrams” and is described as “heavy reading.”

However, it is possible the pamphlet was printed after Cooper got hold of his version of the document.

The reason for removing the diagrams (and any mention of them) might have been that Cooper thought them too obscure for the grassroots patriot movement that was his audience. In addition, by renaming the document, “The Illuminati’s Declaration of War on the American People,” Cooper emphasized his patriot leanings and de-emphasized the more complicated mathematical elements of the ’Illuminati blueprint.

The economic analyses implicated in Silent Weapons could only have been made by someone with an advanced understanding of complex social economic systems. In short, while I believe Cooper may have been capable of understanding the diagrams in the manifesto, I don’t believe he had the background to devise them.

There are also other differences between the two versions: Cooper’s version of Silent Weapons reproduced in Pale Horse contained his characteristic ALL CAPS for emphasis. The original pamphlet does not contain these. Cooper’s version also inserts personal notes in brackets. We have not inserted Cooper’s personal notes.

This version reproduces some of the diagrams missing from Cooper’s version.

  • This rare and ambiguous document could very well be a hoax, but was it perpetrated by William Cooper or on William Cooper?
  • If it’s a hoax, who wrote it?
  • Could it have been written by Ted Kaczynski?
  • Or perhaps the late anarcho-libertarian Murray Rothbard?

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