Twin Ancient Cultures On Opposite Sides Of The Pacific

This article looks at the striking architectural and cultural similarities between the Balinese and the Mayan cultures.

This is a very brief look at highlights of the parallels common to two ancient civilizations separated by the Pacific ocean. Like a jig-saw puzzle, the missing pieces of these twin cultures separated by the Pacific Ocean can be put together to reveal a common ancestry.

Scholars of the 18th, 19th and early 20th century believed they understood this ancestry. According to their research, in the dimness of remote Antiquity, in an age so prehistoric it is now lost to time and memory, there once existed a spiritually-advanced “Golden Age” civilization which far surpassed our own modern society culturally and spiritually. The world’s first cultures were all children of this Golden Age “Mother Culture,” and we can still see traces of it today in the many similarities shared by those civilizations that we understand to be the world’s first cultures.

The trouble is, if you mention this Golden Age culture to scholars by using the words “hyperdiffusion,” “Atlantis” or “Lost Civilization,” then not only have you lost their ear, but you’ve lost the ear of most people who hinge on every word the academics say (without thinking for themselves). Hyperdiffusionism is bubkis; that’s the academic line, and if you don’t tow it you’re through.


“Hyperdiffusionism — the theory that all cultures originated from one [Golden Age] culture. Hyperdiffusionists deny that parallel evolution or independent invention took place to any great extent throughout history, they claim that…all cultures can be traced back to a single culture.”

visual evidence:

#1 – Stepped Pyramids (With Temples On Top)

#2 – Twin Dragons / Serpents Balusters Running Down Temple Sides

#3 – Sacred Corbel Arch Architecture

#4 – Parallel “Fearsome” Deities At Temple Entrances

#5 – Sculpted Stone Serpents

#6 – Spiritual Energy Harnessed Through Hand Gestures

#7 – Frightening Faces Above Doorways (With Recessed Lintels)

#8 – Twin Elephant Deities

Elephants in South America?

#9 – Monster Temples With Massive “Mouth” Entrances

#10 – Chakana Cross Symbols

#11 – Third Eye Dot Between Eyes On Forehead

#12 – “Triptych” Three-Door Temples—With Accent On Center Door

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