The doubt of Francesco, wars to sell arms?

(Translated from Italian)


The many wars around the world really are “for” or “sell weapons?”. This is the question posed, during the Angelus, Pope John, who, in the aftermath of the prayer vigil for peace, is back to talk about Syria. In that country, he said “cease immediately the violence and devastation and work with renewed commitment for a just solution to the fratricidal conflict.” The Pope then widened his gaze to the Middle East, and called for “stability” for Lebanon “coexistence” model; “reconciliation” against “sectarian violence in Iraq”; “determination and courage” to advance the peace process between Israelis and Palestinians “; commitment of “Egyptians, Muslims and Christians” to build together the company for the benefit of the entire population “.

A new strong intervention, therefore, of Pope Francesco in pressing for peace Syria in Angelus initiated eight days ago, along with the account, made off the cuff by talking with the crowded square, which “always remains the doubt: this war there, this other beyond-why there are wars everywhere-it’s really a war for problems or is a trade war to sell these weapons into the illegal trade in?”. Pope Francis, who thanked warmly those yesterday joined the initiative of fasting and prayers for peace, asked him to continue on this path, and in the same spirit. The immediate cessation of violence in Syria is the first point indicated by the Papal diplomacy these days for fibrillation to a US intervention against Assad outside the Un framework. And was also referred to the ambassadors gathered two days ago at the Vatican for the illustration of the action of the Holy see in the Syrian crisis. World arms trade, legal or illegal, papal diplomacy leads to a strong action in the UN.

The question posed today by Pope Stephen, if the wars around the world are “for” or “sell”, if the weapons pose in many, facing the Syrian case: the use of chemical weapons on civilians was so far to the practice and international law the point of no return on to choose whether or not to intervene. Someone commented that not only Assad, but even his opponents, may be using chemical weapons on unarmed civilians and children. There are those who wish to intervene immediately, those who remember the chemical weapons ever found in Iraq after Saddam, when the Bush Administration intervened, showing evidence proved false on lethal weapons in the hands of Saddam.

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