TSA Police State Toy Outrages Amazon Shoppers


(Geoffrey Ingersoll)  We’ve covered some bizarre toys before, but this one is priceless … literally.

The toy is unavailable right now on Amazon, and we’re not surprised reading the comments.

The funniest from commenter M. MCKNIGHT titled “Not complete without the line”:

“This toy would be a lot more realistic with about 350 people standing in line for an average of an hour. It still makes a nice set with the interrogation room.”

The Transportation Security Agency has been under fire since its inception, most recently when it admitted its “nude” body scanners didn’t actually prevent anything.

A bit more troubling is the “Customers Who Viewed This Item” notice and its line of suggested purchases:

— Playmobile Security Police Checkpoint

— A Die Cast drone toy

Followed by:

—  John Gibson’s “The War on Christmas”

Perhaps more terrifying is the awareness of so many outraged commenters at the implication a child should get used to invasive security as a norm of life, as it is a product of “terrorism” occurring more than ten years ago. There isn’t a single positive comment — at least, by the end of 3 of 13 pages.

One guy even went to the trouble of “redacting” his “comment”:

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