US ‘disappointed’ with Hong Kong, kindly asks Latin American countries to stop Snowden

130611-snowden.photoblog600The US is “disappointed and disagrees” with Hong Kong’s decision to let Snowden leave the country despite a provisional arrest request, and has warned countries in the Western Hemisphere to not allow him to “proceed in any further international travel.”

“The US is disappointed and disagrees with the determination by Hong Kong authorities not to honor the US request for the arrest of the fugitive,” the official told Reuters.

The US Justice Department has been in “continual contact” with Hong Kong authorities since the prominent whistleblower first revealed his identity and whereabouts on June 10, Reuters reports.

Hong Kong did not raise any issues in regard the sufficiency of the documents provided with the US request for Snowden’s arrest. “In light of this, we find their decision to be particularly troubling,” the official said.