UN poised to launch global ban on all criticism of Islam…

Nations belonging to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and different governments adhering to Shariah legislation the world over are ramping up their new marketing campaign with the United Nations to prohibit all speech that Muslims take into account offensive.

“Islamist nations … lengthy have sought a dedication from the United Nations that any criticism of Islam or Muslims is ‘Islamophobia’ and banned globally,’” WND reported, noting that with 57 members, the OIC represents the biggest voting bloc within the U.N. “But every time it has come up for a vote, extra real looking arguments prevailed and the marketing campaign by no means was legitimized.”

After U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres unveiled the brand new “U.N. Strategy and Plan of Action” to combat so-called “hate speech” at a particular assembly within the packed Economic and Social (ECOSOC) chamber, Pakistan Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi incited extra assist to silence any opposition to Islam and its adherents – together with speech condemning Islam for its scriptural inciting of terrorists to conduct jihad (holy conflict) on “infidels.”

“An inevitable consequence is to fan the flames of bigotry, intolerance, anti-Muslim hatred and xenophobia,” Lodhi proclaimed earlier than ambassadors, senior diplomats and high-ranking U.N. officers, as quoted in a press launch, according to MSN. “My Prime Minister Imran Khan has not too long ago once more known as for pressing motion to counter Islamophobia, which is right now essentially the most prevalent expression of racism and hatred in opposition to ‘the opposite.'”

Guterres mentioned the overarching objective of the U.N. plan is to determine, stop and confront what the U.N. and Islamic nations take into account “hate speech.”

“It targets the root causes of hate speech, pointing out that these include tackling violence, marginalization, discrimination, and poverty, as well as bolstering weak state institutions,” the highest U.N. official mentioned, in accordance to MSN.

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