USDA to deregulate GMO corn for fuels, not food?

gmo-corn-663x369By: Kenneth Schortgen Jr

The USDA announced recently that deregulation of Genetically Modified (GMO) corn can go forward to help in the processing of ethanol. The agency specified that the allowing of the GMO production would be dedicated towards fuel, not food, as Americans still have hesitantcy over eating GMO products.

In an article today from Natural News on this new ruling, the USDA seems to be more in the corner of alternative fuels than it does for the diets of Americans as corn prices skyrocket on the commodties market.

For starters, in a world where food prices are rapidly rising, where crops are failing due to radical weather events, and where food stockpiles are at their lowest levels in many decades, the idea of converting food to fuel is utterly ludicrous. Making matters even worse, there’s the simple fact that the ethanol advocates simply refuse to admit: Growing corn for fuel consumes more fuel than it produces!

The whole corn-for-ethanol debacle is simply another government-run agricultural cluster shuck involving the wasting of billions of taxpayer dollars which disappear into the black hole of subsidies handed out to corn growers. The whole thing smacks of economic insanity combined with an almost alien view of the natural world. To look upon an acre of corn and think that it’s supposed to be burned in combustion engines rather than consumed as nutrition represents a whole new level of mental illness — an illness which has infected the minds of regulators and lawmakers.

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