US wants low-yield nukes to blackmail dissident countries, not to deter Russia – Moscow

US generals are nicely conscious that there’s no method of limiting the use of nuclear weapons in a warfare between superpowers, so the declare that some “low-yield” nukes are wanted to match Russia is an outright lie, the Foreign Ministry stated.

Moscow’s statement is available in response to the vice-chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Paul Selva, who vehemently promoted the modification of the warheads on Trident missiles, that are carried on Ohio-class submarines, to ensure that them to find a way to carry low-yield nuclear weapons.

Selva argued that the US can be put in a troublesome scenario if Russia decides to hit an American metropolis with a low-yield nuclear weapon. “The US doctrine says it’ll reply in variety, however with out a low-yield nuclear weapon in its stock, responding in variety means it’ll have to reply with a high-yield nuclear weapon,” supposedly scary and all-out nuclear warfare.

But the Russian Foreign Ministry on Saturday blasted the final’s claims as “disingenuous” and identified that the usage of low-yield nuclear weapons wasn’t even part of Russia’s navy doctrine.

An apparent deception can also be the concept that it’s doable to ‘limit’ the use of nuclear weapons in a conflict between two nuclear powers.

The yield of an incoming enemy warhead can solely be decided after it detonates and the Americans are nicely conscious of that, the ministry stated in a press release.

“Therefore, any launch of a strategic nuclear carrier aimed at Russian territory… regardless of the capacity of its warhead, will be treated as an aggression with the use of nuclear weapons, and met with an appropriate response.”

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