The war against vitamins and the hit job against Swisse

There are about ten million other products they could go after that make truly false claims with no room for debate, but they go after vitamins in their usual selective enforcement routine. As a tech head, I remember Apple in the past claiming they were the number 1 computer when they were getting flogged by radioshack and CBM machines…you could literally write a 10,000 page manifesto of truly false claims in advertising.

This is a worldwide agenda coming down the pipe through international think tanks/groups. That’s why you can see the same agenda in all the western nations.

I will also say – when I started taking a multi vitamin everyday I felt sharper and more energetic after a few months. I didn’t seem to wake up as tired either, I woke up ready to rock. No one is paying me to say that.

Here is some reading material –

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I could go find a tonne more links, but you get the point. Now onto the hit job against Swisse vitamins in Australia.

SWISSE Vitamins – which made $170 million last year from pill-popping Aussies – has been told to stop broadcasting TV advertisements featuring Sonia Kruger and Chris Brown.

A federal watchdog has claimed the Melbourne-based vitamin giant could not prove its health claims.

A panel chaired by the Therapeutic Goods Administration has requested Swisse withdraw the ads spruiking several of its vitamin products, saying Swisse could not prove its claims that consumers would “feel better on Swisse”.

But Swisse, with a high-profile stable of ambassadors, is fighting the decision.

In the Federal Court in Melbourne on Friday, the company succeeded in getting the decision temporarily removed from the Therapeutic Products Advertising Complaints Resolution Panel website. The case goes back to court on Wednesday.

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