What If The Persistent Contrails Myth Was Real?

imagesBernie Suarez
Activist Post

Imagine if once upon a time you were caught up in a dream posing a simple question. The question in the dream was: what if ‘persistent contrails’ were real? What if the claim that, ordinary planes can randomly fly around on warm, dry, cold, and moist days alike, and leave a condensation vapor trail that actually stays in the sky all day and even blocks off the sunlight; what if all of this were true?

In this world, condensation trails that persist in the sky and become clouds that block off our normal sunlight, turning sunny days into cloudy days, are a perfectly normal phenomenon. All concerns about the environment being attributed to these persistent trails would be open issues which would be discussed by appropriate environmental groups, politicians and concerned citizens on a regular basis.

In this fictional world, people everywhere, including the media and Hollywood, would be comfortable with a random discussion about condensation trails and the damage they pose or don’t pose to the equilibrium of the Earth and its atmosphere. If someone felt differently about the matter it wouldn’t be that big of a deal as it would be understood that everyone might see the issue slightly different.

In this scenario the typical person might be intrigued by the idea that there is a possibility that we don’t know just how much damage these persistent trails are causing. Groups that demanded to know where those experiments are that prove this to be a normal phenomenon would be considered a group of caring concerned citizens. Of course, in order to publicize important knowledge about the Earth, the atmosphere and the effect the persistent trails might have on both, we would witness a government that shares all of its scientific data with the scientific community and one that would even implement easy experimental steps for showing how persistent contrails come to be and how they persist in warm dry weather (southern California or Nevada for example). By sharing this simple information government might encourage monetary donations from the private sector for expanding solutions to this phenomenon. These easily reproducible experiments would likely even form the back-bone of elementary school science text books.

As we continue our journey in this fictional scenario we would note that the issue of persistent contrails naturally wouldn’t be associated with the unusual process of name calling someone crazy or paranoid for not believing these claims; instead, as with all simple non-political issues, the government would ignore such claims.

In this fictional world, any given day we might see or hear a report about studies being done to measure just how much less sunlight the Earth is receiving when the skies are covered and how that might impact global temperatures. In this world we would hear from geoengineers as they present all the proof of their claims. Networks, journalists and private citizens would challenge geoengineers who claim they want to spray the atmosphere and admit that this spraying can create an ice age.

Many would pose questions to such government hired geoengineers about how to put into perspective the incredible persistent contrails phenomenon already observed for years with the suggestions for spraying the atmosphere to make the Earth cooler. Some questions posed to government geoengineers might sound something like this:

  • With the natural observation that normal planes are impacting sunny days all over the planet, how lucky do geoengineers feel considering that they want to spray the planet with nano-sized metal particles that act the exact same way as the normal condensation trails from other planes?
  • How or conversely what additives might be added to jet fuel to permanently stop persistent contrails in order to remove this threat to our ecosystem?
  • What compelled government-paid scientist to study contrails in the first place? Or . . .
  • What problem led to the need to spend money and do scientific studies that prove that persistent contrails were to be expected at all temperatures and humidity levels?

If only for educational purposes, government would make information available for everyone, about where they can download these experiments that were conducted including its reproducible results in case someone wants to duplicate it as part of a school project.

Other considerations may include:

  • How fast is the field of anti-persistent contrails studies growing?
  • Is it a good field to go into for employment?
  • Has the government or private sector considered putting money into solving the persistent contrails problem that is blanketing the world and changing our ecological system?
  • Or questions like how come there are entire (non-NATO) countries where there are no contrails covering the sky at all? Are the planes or the fuel being used in the planes that fly in those countries different?

Passively calling out the wolf in sheep’s clothing

As your, ‘what if’, dream continues, people would regularly give accounts about the commercial planes in which they traveled, leaving trails of condensation that last all day. In some social circles it wouldn’t be impossible to hear two people playfully comparing contrail size or attributing certain plane types with longer or shorter contrails. Flight tracking data would regularly identify those commercial planes that are leaving persistent contrails and anyone could gather those plane flight numbers and keep an open list for everyone to see. Flights and trails might even be a part of an on-line game where you have to guess which plane will make contrails or how long these trails will be for that particular plane. In cold regions like the northeast or other parts of the world, under the right conditions commercial planes would possibly be seen still leaving long permanent trails even as they touch down at the airport runways.

On another note, given that persistent condensation trails are real, it may be observed that people old enough to remember might be a little dismayed as to how no advertising pictures, brochures, movies or family photos from the ’90s, and especially the ’80s and earlier indicated persistent contrails in the sky.

Given that planes have been around over 100 years, psychologists would likely pose scenarios for how entire generations of people now have no recollection of even one trail in the sky, yet now they are a normal phenomenon. As a result of this strange phenomenon, researchers, professors and students of both science and psychology would question why this might be and consider if it were possible that a multitude of generations all at once could be experiencing a memory problem. If confirmed, this memory problem could lead to some yet unknown insight about memory and how the brain works.

Finally, if this fictional world of persistent contrails were real, this article would be taken light-heartedly by those claiming they have confirmed that the persistent contrails are real. They would beam with confidence knowing that all their claims are scientifically sound. At the conclusion of this article they would quickly and confidently point to a huge volume of easy and reproducible experiments (not government abstracts) that put an end to the issue.

Upon the presentation of these easy, transparent experiments – and upon observing the manifestation of all the challenges presented here – those questioning this persistent contrails truth would giggle it off and attribute all of this activism and environmental concerns to a little misunderstanding of information that had been available but accidentally kept secret to the public.

Then, just as you ponder all of this information, you notice something happens. Just as you are considering all of these possibilities you WAKE UP and realize here we are in the real world and all that I have just described is fictional, never happened and never will.

What are you waiting for?

The time is now to become informed about the greatest crime of all time. Help expose chemical spraying operations that now threaten the equilibrium of the Earth due to global dimming. The constant spraying has also weaponized the atmosphere with metal particles and is creating a global dimming that is a threat to our absorption of sunlight needed for Vitamin D synthesis. Read up on the importance of vitamin D to the human body and try to see just how dangerous these operations are even if they decrease a fraction of the Earth’s sunlight or dump any amount of metal particles into the air that can cross the human blood-brain barrier (which nano-sized particles can easily do).

The next time you see a chemtrail plane remind yourself that the other 99 percent of planes flying over your local sky are NOT leaving trails. Videotape the entire spraying process from blue sky to white sky and then speed up the video with editing software to help you recognize the agenda a little more. See the patterns they are spraying; do your own soil, water, air or rain sample and see the elevated metal particle levels for yourself. Try to convince yourself to get involved in this battle for our environment and our lives.

This fictional scenario and the accompanying arguments are discussed to aid in illustrating all the things that are not happening regarding the quirky government ‘contrails’ claims and to remind us how dramatically incidental simple, honest studies differ from a planned, deceptive and ominous government-controlled agenda. The difference is miles long, can you appreciate this?

Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.