The U.S. Needs To Bury The Electrical Grid…

Seems like every time the wind blows were in the dark.

With the recent catastrophic storms in the Mid-West and Mid-Atlantic, I’m sure that millions in that area would agree. Living without the basic needs of food and water (and the internet!) will push people to do desperate things.

I live in Hurricane alley and have seen civilization almost break within a week. When there is no food for the children or gasoline to go get food it’s a huge problem. Literally within a week I have seen the news clips of people murdering for cutting in line at the mile long gasoline station line for the few stations open. We went without electricity for almost a month after one hurricane and we did ok only because we were prepared with lots of canned and dried food and natural gas stove and hot water and didn’t waste our gasoline riding around looking at the fallen trees!

Most American families only keep enough food stocked for three days, ATS members excluded. This is a foresight issue and everyone should be a little more prepared, but that’s the nature of the beast and where part of the problem is, but only part. If we had an underground system in the first place we wouldn’t have as big of an issue.

Ever notice that the light hardly ever go out in the major urban cities like New York and Chicago, because they saw this as in issue and fixed it by putting the systems underground.

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