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Why were 14 books ripped out of the King James Bible in 1885?

However, at about 52:33 in the clip, I noticed something astounding. Above the plinky-plunky sentimentalism the narrator clearly said that in 1611 there were 80 books in the King James Bible, including the 14 Apocryphal Books!

What? I thought it has 66 books, and not to get all Fred Phelps, but whosoever messes with that will burn in hell with a worm that never dies. That’s what I was taught on adding or removing things from the Bible.

The Apocrypha was considered essential daily reading matter for 2000 years, until it was removed by the British and Foreign Bible Societies in 1885. The narrator tells quite smugly and happily that we are the first generation of Christians to be without it (I guess he’s not a spring chicken, but the meaning is clear – modern Protestant Christians don’t know them at all).