10 things we can do to beat the system…

“Violent resistance only gives them more power and an excuse to use it. Not participating, not cooperating, and circumventing official channels is enough to break the system. And I see more of it every day – I am pretty optimistic for the future honestly.”

However, we need to remember American history and the temper of the people. While I agree Non-violence can destroy the system but I doubt that all Americans will stay non-violent.

1) The first thing we need to do is break free of the chains of psychological conditioning. Think about your world view and how it may be wrong. Is violating some terms of service really wrong? If the terms are there to enslave you?

2) Stop voting. In communism it was against the law not to vote. It legitimizes a government.

3) Stop buying from major corporations where possible.

4) Move to credit unions asap.

5) Conserve gas and other things to deprive them of wealth. Ride a bike (where possible) as a method of protest.

6) Use money as a weapon when ever possible.

7) Look for ways to barter. Research barter systems, set up a barter website for your community.

8) Read at every chance, read the local public library, at the public universities. Ignorance is their weapon.

9) Organize social groups to learn about other cultures and methods. Like Iceland and Ecuador.

10) Get out of debt. Debt is a powerful weapon they use. If you are in school on a student loan, you should seriously consider another plan.