Prince Warned Of 9/11 Attacks In 1998


The recording seems to point out Prince predict the 9/11 assaults, some three years earlier than they really occurred. The video has been mysteriously and inexplicably faraway from YouTube a number of instances.

The sudden and premature loss of life of pop legend Prince (57) has despatched shock-waves all over the world, and whereas data remains to be rising, I’ve uncovered one thing that each puzzles and disturbs me in equal measure.

In this video, recorded in 1998, Prince predicted that Osama bin Laden would assault the United States in 2001. The fact about what occurred on 9/11 is past the scope of this report however evidently many researchers query the validity of the official narrative, pointing in the direction of a authorities conspiracy.

In the video Prince sings “I’ve got to go back to America, I’ve got to get ready for the bomb, Osama bin Laden getting ready to bomb, America you better watch out, Osama bin Laden getting ready to bomb, 2001 hit me”.

It seems to me that he’s nearly mocking the involvement of Osama bin Laden, however you determine for your self. This video is startling as a result of it was filmed three years earlier than the horrific occasions of 9/11.

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