60 million gallons of water unaccounted for in Gaines


For the second time in lower than a yr, the Town of Gaines underwent an unflattering audit. The earlier forensic audit discovered the books off by roughly $100,000, and a water audit Tuesday confirmed that 60 million gallons had disappeared over the previous 40 years.

Town Supervisor Carol Culhane mentioned the lacking water would fill a tank the size of a soccer subject standing greater than 140 ft excessive.

“We’re a small town, and that’s a lot of water,” she acknowledged, noting that the lacking water is from solely the 4ø-year interval in a position to be re-created.

The water audit was performed as a result of Culhane noticed that the city’s water districts had been working in the purple.

“Last year, working on the 2014 budget, it struck me as odd that they were in the red or were faltering, and I remembered that before I was elected and was only sitting in the audience, the districts were losing money,” Culhane mentioned. “So we started to look into it.”

Culhane mentioned 9 of the 10 city water districts are “relatively new” with “a few minor issues, but no main breaks.” However, in piecing collectively the water districts’ books, Culhane mentioned the city’s water billing clerk “found that there is substantial water loss.” That loss got here from “non-billed, consumed gallons, with no consumer paying for them.”

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