The 7 Most Shocking and Eerie Videos On YouTube

It should come as no surprise that there are millions of weird, creepy, sometimes downright disturbing videos on the Internet. YouTube is a treasure trove of these digital gems. The Ghost Diaries has whittled down our list and we’re now prepared to unveil the 7 most bizarre YouTube vids. Warning! Some of the footage below is pretty unnerving and is not for the faint of heart.

The Skull and Bones Initiation Ceremony Caught on Tape

When he set up a hidden camera on the rooftop of a Yale facility, American journalist Ron Rosenbaum captured a befuddling glimpse into one of the most the most secretive organizations in the world. We may never know if the Skull and Bones is an initiation rite for the New World Order, but this video gives a terrifying portrait into the puppet masters who may control our country.

Heaven’s Gate Cult Initiation tapes

Heaven’s Gate was a doomsday cult whose members committed mass suicide in 1997. They did so believing that their souls would be transferred to an alien spaceship that was hidden behind the Hale-Bopp comet. Thirty-nine of the cult members bodies were found dead in a rich suburb of San Diego, California. The following is an excerpt from one of the last videos ever recorded by the the Heaven’s Gate Cult leader, Marshall Applewhite. In it he explains their decision to leave this world. The whole video can be found on youtube. What’s even creepier is the Heaven’s Gate official website from 1997 is still up and running on the web. Seems incredible that no one has taken it down over all these years. Who’s paying the domain fees?

African shaman performing levitation

A German film crew documents an African shaman levitating in some kind of spiritual ritual. We’re not sure what to think about this one, except that it’s really bizarre.

1940s Soviet Experiment: Reviving Dead Animals

This Stalinist era video documents a medical experiment in which clinically dead animals are brought back to life. This has to be one of the weirdest movies ever made. With little scientific data stated, it is currently unknown whether this video is a hoax or not. Some skeptics believe the video was faked for Russian propaganda purposes. Hoax or not, any possible motivation for making this film is beyond disturbing. It gets really freaky around 3:15.

Tom Cruise Scientology Speech

We already knew that Scientology was one of the most insane cults out there, but when this video of Tom Cruise was leaked on Youtube in 2008 it once again reaffirmed our opinions. After all, they believe aliens need to be exorcised from their bodies. No one knows where the video came from or why it’s on the Internet. But what really makes this video eerie isn’t just Tom Cruise’s maniacal giggling or bizarre behavior, it’s the fact that the church of Scientology used this video at their events to pump up the crowd. It’s no wonder they did everything in their power to have it removed from the Internet, because taken out of context it makes for one creepy and out there portrayal of their cult–er, religion.

Interview With Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer

This bone chilling interview shows us a window into the mind of one of the most grisly serial killers in the history of the world. It rattles the nerves to see how relaxed Dahmer is during this interview; coming from a man who kept 12 of his 19 victims’ dismembered bodies as trophies in his apartment building in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Alex Jones’ Bohemian Grove Video

Alex Jones has been in the news a lot recently, howling about the gun control issue. But Jones has been an outspoken fringer thinker for decades now and regardless of what you think of his politics, his Bohemian Grove video from the early 90s is not to be missed. It purports to show a clandestine occult ceremony performed by some of the most important men in the world, including top CEOs, political leaders, and industry titans. Along with the Skull and Bones video above, some of these rituals conducted by the so-called New World Order get pretty spooky. [For the actual ceremony part skip to around 5:30.]