9/11: Confessions of a Former CIA Asset (filed under 9/11 was an inside job)

By Susan Lindauer (with Jim Fetzer)

It was my great pleasure to invite Susan Lindauer, a former CIA asset, who had extraordinary experiences conducting back channel talks with Saddam Hussein about resuming UN weapons inspections during negotiations prior to the invasion of Iraq, to speak at The Vancouver Hearings.  She had served as a conduit in communications between the US and Saddam, who had been cooperating with the United States and even offered to purchase 1,000,000 new cars from Detroit per year for the next ten years or, if that were not enough, for the next twenty, if the US would not attack his country.  Imagine what an impact that would have made on our economy if Bush and Cheney had not been dedicated to the invasion of Iraq?  We were told that Saddam had been involved in 9/11, that Iraq and al Qaeda were in cahoots, and that he was out to develop nuclear weapons and had attempted to purchase yellowcake from Niger, a fraud that was exposed by US Ambassador Joe Wilson, in retaliation for which his wife, Valerie Plame, was outed as an undercover CIA agent who was managing the most important intelligence operation in the world at the time to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the Middle East.

Dick Cheney and his minions did not take that kindly and revealed that Valerie was conducting this operation, which not only decimated the task on which it had embarked but no doubt led to the deaths of those who had placed their lives at risk by cooperating covertly with Plame and her associates.  This is only one of many crass and corrupt acts by our own Vice President, who was running an assassination ring out of his office in the White House itself, which appears to have been responsible not only for the death of Sen. Paul Wellstone (D-MN) for opposing the administration on Iraq but also Cpl. Pat Tillman, who had become disillusioned with the war and — in a fatal error of judgment — appears to have confided in Noam Chomsky, who in turn appears to have advised the White House that they had a problem, which they resolved by taking him out and fabricating a story of his death as a tragic and fateful “accident”.

While Chomsky has been lionized by the left for his courageous and outspoken criticism of one administration after another and has done brilliant work exposing the use of propaganda and disinformation in instances of intermediate significance, when it comes to major events, such as the assassination of JFK and the atrocities of 9/11, he has become an apologist, even dismissing the idea of conspiracy in the case of JFK on the ground that, even if there had been collusion between parties, it was of no significance, since his death did not involve any major policy issues, as though not invading Cuba, signing an above ground test ban treaty with the Soviet Union, withdrawing from Vietnam, shattering the CIA into a thousand pieces, cracking down on organized crime, cutting the oil depletion allowance, and abolishing the FED were not major policy issues! Chomsky’s theories of linguistics are as impoverished as his political stance on issues of this magnitude.

Chomsky may be doing the most damage to the 9/11 Truth movement, but others are playing subsidiary roles, even if they may have different reasons for doing so.  Dan Rather would prefer the world would forget that, on 9/11, he broadcast a report about the arrest of two suspects in a van with enough explosives to do “great damage to the George Washington Bridge”, which has been confirmed by other sources.  See, for example,

BILL HEMMER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Thank you. Again, our apologies to our viewers about five minutes ago, but we do have an established connection now with CNN’s Deborah Feverick. The reports we’re getting now, two or three men arrested on the New Jersey Parkway. Deborah, can you hear me now?

DEBORAH FEVERICK, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Yes, I can. That is the information that I am getting from two sources, that there was a van either on the New Jersey Turnpike or the Garden State Parkway, and that it was near the George Washington Bridge.

There were two or three men who were in the van that was pulled over. It is not clear why the van was pulled over, but when it was, law enforcers found tons of explosives inside of the van.

That is, right now, all I am hearing. But again, two to three people in custody, and we are trying to get more information on that right now.

HEMMER: Deborah, I don’t mean to put you on the spot here. Do you know where on the Jersey Turnpike this was? How far from New York City?

FEVERICK: We do not know that. We are looking into that. There is one report that it was on the New Jersey Turnpike. There is another report that it was very close to the bridge, if not on the bridge. So again, these details are emerging. We’re trying to piece them together. But that’s what we have so far, two to three people in custody, found with a van filled with explosives.

Even web sites that attempt to debunk these reports inadvertently confirm them, where, although Dan Rather opined that it wasn’t clear whether this van-load of explosives was related to the other events of 9/11, it is not rocket science to appreciate that they were connected.  Indeed, we have a great deal of information that links Israel to 9/11 via the transfer of the WTC to Larry Silverstein, “the Dancing Israelis”, Urban Moving Systems, ICTS, and much, much more.  We know that Israel was complicit in the crimes of 9/11. Susan reports that a series of vans was also used to visit the Twin Towers late in the evening to prep the buildings for destruction. Even though some have continued to entertain the possibility US intelligence was incompetent and that 9/11 was simply “allowed to happen”, we now have persuasive information from an informed source, who should enable even the most naive to better understand that 9/11 was “an inside job” and that, as many of us have pieced together from other sources, where the US government attacked the US to promote a political agenda.

For her attempts to expose the truth about 9/11, Susan was arrested and prosecuted under the PATRIOT ACT, only the second US citizen to endure such a fate.  She was incarcerated and tortured for five years and denied the right to legal counsel, even though she was innocent of any crime.  This is a stunning indictment of what the United States has become, which our Founding Fathers would not recognize:  a neo-fascist, militaristic police state, where surveillance is ubiquitous.  The Department of Homeland Security has now acquired more than a million rounds of .40 hollow-point ammunition, which is not even permissible in times of war under the Geneva Conventions.  We know there are hundreds of FEMA camps around the country and that Congress has authorized the use of 30,000 drones to track American civilians.  What she has to tell us should disturb every American, indeed, every citizen of the world who cares about human rights, due process, and simple decency.



August 13, 2012

My name is Susan Lindauer. I was one of the very few U.S. Intelligence Assets covering Iraq and Libya at the United Nations in New York from 1995 to 2003. As a back channel, I started talks for the Lockerbie Trial with Libya’s senior diplomats. I also conducted preliminary talks to resume weapons inspections with Iraq’s Ambassador Dr. Saeed Hasan, as part of a larger, comprehensive peace framework.

I submit this sworn affidavit as evidence of criminal actions by President George Bush, Vice President Richard Cheney, Attorney General John Ashcroft, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales; Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and National Security Adviser, Condoleeza Rice. This affidavit will prove beyond any shadow of doubt that those officials in the Bush Administration knowingly and deliberately practiced “command failure” to thwart the 9/11 attack. It will prove that those officials hyped a War with Iraq as a probable outcome of the attack, exciting motive and opportunity for an orphan intelligence team to lay explosives through the Towers to maximize damage and guarantee the outcome. After the attack, White House officials compounded the crime of mass murder with perjury and obstruction of justice in the Federal Courts and the 9/11 Commission to a degree that would be punishable offenses for ordinary citizens.

I also accuse Larry Silverstein of profiteering from government lies about 9/11 to a degree that qualified as insurance fraud.  Together with government officials, Silverstein committed multiple acts of perjury in the Federal Court of Chief Justice Michael B. Mukasey, the Southern District of New York — and obstruction of justice to protect the financial profits of his insurance scam. This was done with full knowledge of the consequence — that a fellow American was subjected to false arrest, false imprisonment on a military base without trial or hearing, and threats of forcible drugging in prison, as a judicial effort to destroy knowledge of the CIA’s advance knowledge of 9/11 — thus safeguarding Silverstein’s profits.  I know, because I was that American.

Any ordinary citizen would face prison for Silverstein’s crimes — and their attorneys would face disbarment —whereas Silverstein and White House officials got off scott free.

Above all, to understand why 9/11 was an “inside job,” it’s critical to understand that its completion resulted from opposing forces colliding against each other — one side working aggressively to stop the attack, and the other undercutting every proactive move.

This affidavit exposes their legacy.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

I, Susan Lindauer, hereby swear under oath that I first learned of the 9/11 Conspiracy from my CIA handler, Dr. Richard Fuisz, in mid-April, 2001.

In April, I received a summons to visit Dr. Fuisz at his office in Great Falls, Virginia. We met weekly anyway. On this occasion, he rang my home and asked me to come straight away. He inquired when I planned my next trip to the Iraqi Embassy at the United Nations in New York. He wanted to talk before I left, and he wanted me to go soon.

This does not strike me as unusual. My back channel to Iraq and Libya existed to communicate messages back and forth from Washington, because those countries had no official ties with the United States. Most significantly, my team kept a special line open for intelligence on terrorist activities that Tripoli or Baghdad might need to share with the West. Even under sanctions and global isolation, the importance of intelligence to block terrorism was recognized as a necessary exemption to U.S. foreign policy isolating Iraq.

And so I visited Dr. Fuisz immediately. He instructed me to demand that Libya and Iraq must hand over any intelligence regarding conspiracies involving airplane hijackings and/or airplane bombings. He insisted that I must warn Iraqi diplomats Baghdad would suffer a major military offensive— worse than anything Iraq had suffered before— if the U.S. discovered Saddam’s government had possessed such intelligence on airplane hijackings and failed to notify us through my back channel.

Admittedly, I was reluctant to deliver such a harsh message. I have always been an anti-war activist. So on my next trip to New York, I soft pedaled Dr. Fuisz’s message. I asked diplomats to send cables to Baghdad and Tripoli, watching for possible airplane conspiracies. But I made no threats of violent reprisal against Iraq or Libya.

When I got home to Washington, I met with Dr. Fuisz, who demanded to know how Iraqi diplomats (only) had responded to his threat. I admitted that I stopped short of delivering his full message. But I assured him that I had requested Iraq’s cooperation.

At that point, Dr. Fuisz became enraged. In all of our years together, I recall no other time that he lost his temper and shouted at me. He stormed up and down the conference room, letting loose a tirade punctuated with colorful obscenities. Dr. Fuisz demanded that I must return to New York immediately. I must not be polite. I must tell Iraqi diplomats exactly what he said. “The United States would bomb Baghdad back into the Stone Age, worse than they’ve ever been bombed before, if they discovered a terrorist conspiracy involving airplane hijackings or airplane bombings and failed to notify us. They would lose everything. We would destroy them.”

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