*ALERT* Everyone Please Begin Prepping


Look many of the readers and supporters of this website knew when this website went blank and nonexistent that something was up. And as you hear from the news, we are in a very dangerous time in our lives as one world as a whole. I don’t want to cause panic there are no real problems, threats or issues but the way it’s going; we are looking at a New World Order with no possible option of the Second Amendment of our Constitution, Big Brother Spy Grid and Depopulation in the near two to three year time frame. Like I have been, everyone needs to begin prepping for a disaster. Water, Food, Protection, Shelter, and Skills will be needed. This ‘master-plan’ will only happen unless the plan fits a certain agenda with the purpose of furthering the New World Order.

Now we will also have to watch the timeframe around when Obama’s final months in office. If we declare war around this timeframe, we will be pretty much screwed. This option would be so called Plan B. And this is the worst option of all. Be prepared for dictatorship. This is only speculation but very possible. Now declare Martial Law – Roads, Airports, Trains, TV/Internet, Food, Water Will be taken over and shut off much like what happened in Turkey. So be warned. This is a very dangerous time in America and around the globe.

I will really try to update the website more often, just have been busy preparing and learning like everyone should for their families. USAHitman over and out for now…….