Ex-Army Colonel Seeks Amnesty For Military Who Witness UFOs

If you’re in the military and have ever noticed what you believe to be a UFO, but had been reluctant to mention it for concern of ridicule or, worse, repercussions that may well finish your profession, take heart. Factors might modify.

A former military insider with top secret clearance who designed Advanced Theoretical Physics — a group of top-level government officials and scientists brought with each other to study UFO reports — has just referred to as on three of the highest-ranking military and intelligence officials in the Obama administration.

Retired Army Col. John Alexander has one target: to inquire Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus and National Intelligence Director Gen. James Clapper to provide amnesty to anyone in the military who has been previously sworn to secrecy about UFOs.

“The situation has to do with this [notion of] disclosure,” mentioned Alexander. “The assumption in the UFO community — and, frankly, the basic population — is that UFOs are secret and all the details is instantly classified. My position is that is not accurate.”

Revealed solely to The Huffington Post, Alexander has sent letters to Panetta, Petraeus and Clapper, in which he proposes a no-price, win-win answer for enhancing the U.S. government’s trust and self-confidence with the American public. He’s particularly referring to Unidentified Flying Objects.

A foremost advocate for the development of non-lethal weapons, Alexander commanded Special Forces “A” Teams in Vietnam and Thailand in the 1960s.

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