After Gun Control ? = Genocide – Look at the history

Death by “Gun Control” book, written by Aaron Zelman and Richard W. Stevens. It works on a level that nobody can dispute: documented world history.

Here’s the Formula: Hatred + Government + Disarmed Civilians = Genocide

What makes the argument so powerful? Two factors. First, it makes common sense: unarmed defenseless people have no hope against armed aggressors.

Second, it states the historical truth: evil governments did wipe out 170,000,000 innocent non-military lives in the 20th Century alone.

When the gun prohibitionists quote a statistic about how many people are killed by firearms misuse, the discussion sometimes bogs down in to whose crime statistics to believe and how to count crimes vs. the defensive firearm uses. In the 20th Century:

• Governments murdered four times as many civilians as were killed in all the international and domestic wars combined.

• Governments murdered millions more people than were killed by common criminals. How could governments kill so many people? The governments had the power – and the people, the victims, were unable to resist. The victims were also unarmed.

Government Dates Targets Civilians Killed “Gun Control” Laws
Ottoman-Turkey 1915-1917 Armenians(Christians) 1 – 1.5 Million Art 166, Pen Code 1866 & 1911 Proclamation, 1915
Soviet Union 1929-1945 Political Opponents;Farmers20 Million Resolutions,1918Decree, July 12, 1920 Art. 59 &182, Pen. Code,1926
Nazi Germany 1933-1945 Jews; Gypsies;Critics20 Million Laws on Firearms & Ammun..1928Weapon Law, March 18,1938 Reg’s against Jews, 1938
China,Nationalist 1927-1949 Army conscripts;others 10 Million Art. 205. Crim Code, 1914 Art, 186-87, Crim Code,1935
Enemies of the State,
Rural populations
20 – 35 Million Act of Feb, 20, 1951Act of Oct 22, 1957
Guatemala 1960-1981 Mayans & other Indians 100,000 -200,000 Decree 36, Nov 25 – Actof 1932 Decree 386, 1947 Decree 283, 1964
Uganda 1971-1979 Christians, Political enemies 300,000 Firearms Ordinance, 1955 Firearms Act, 1970
Cambodia(KhmerRouge) 1975-1979 Educated Persons;Political enemies 2 Million Art. 322-328, Penal Code Royal Ordinance 55,1938
Rwanda 1994 Tutsi People 800,000 Decree-Law No. 12,1979

So you might say to your self now; is all this gun control a good thing. I know not, it’s all these other dumb idiots who don’t think like this. We know the great patriots of America will keep our constitution and freedoms safe. So like they say; History repeats it’s self. So lets not go down that route.. Wake up!